Irina (post-production)

by Nadejda Koseva




A vicious circle of unlucky events slams Irina, a part-time waitress in a small town. As she loses her job, her husband cheats on her at home and on the very same night he becomes crippled in a freak accident.

To survive and feed her family, Irina becomes a surrogate mother. Fights, despair and the seed of life growing in her belly bring on another wave in her rough and wrecked life. Slowly, she discovers what it means to love and to forgive.



Directed by

Nadejda Koseva

Produced by

Stefan Kitanov – Artfest

Co-producer – Svetla Tsotsorkova

with the support of the Bulgarian National Film Center, Media Development Program, SEEC Network


Irina                Martina Apostolova

Sasho              Hristo Ushev

Eva                  Irini Jambonas

Ludmila          Kasiel Noah Asher

Varlaam         Krassimir Dokov


Scriptwriters    Svetoslav Ovcharov, Bojan Vuletic & Nadejda Koseva

Director of photography  Kiril Prodanov

Editor  Nina Altaparmakova

Production designer  Ivelina Mineva

Costume designer   Viktor Andreev

Make up artist     Petya Simeonova

Sound   Momchil Bozhkov


Nadejda Koseva was born in 1974 in Sofia, Bulgaria. After graduating from the Bulgarian National Film and Television Academy, she directed the short fiction novel THE RITUAL, a part of the omnibus film LOST AND FOUND which premiered at FORUM Berlin IFF 2005. Nadejda Koseva’s next short fiction film OMELETTE won a Special mention at Sundance Film Festival’ 2009 among other awards worldwide. Her latest short film TAKE TWO traveled around the world after winning a Special mention at its premier at Sarajevo 2011.

Her debut feature film IRINA is supported by the Bulgarian National Film Centre and is in post-production.