by Take Masaharu


Miro is a choreographer and madame in a Tokyo gay host bar, Eden. Early one morning he brings home a friend who’s had too much drink and is crying over her most recent break-up.

Noripee is a woman on the inside, but she was born in a man’s body. When she dies, Miro and the Eden dancers reflect on the rejection they constantly face from society and their families. They decide to bring Noripee’s body back to her family, who disowned their son after his transformation.


Japan  2012  101mn  16:9  Dolby 5.1  Japanese

Written by

HABARA Daisuke, LEE Bong-ou. Based on the short novel “Natsuno Uzu” (Summer Whirlpool) by FUNADO Yoichi

Produced by

LEE Bong-ou


YAMAMOTO Taro (‘Battle Royal’ by Fukasaku Kinji), TAKAHASHI Kazuya (‘Hush’ by Hashigushi Ryosuke)



Festivals and Awards

  • Busan IFF – South Korea- Window on Asian Cinema
  • CinemAsia – Netherlands
  • Nippon Connection – Germany
  • Split FF – Coratia- World Cinema