Miss Osaka

by Daniel Dencik


Who would you like to be if you could be anyone ?”

Ines follows her boyfriend’s business trip to Norway and meets the enigmatic Maria, coming from Osaka. Their chance encounter becomes more profound as they get to know each other and find affinities within themselves and the divergent lifestyles they lead. One night, under the green glow of the northern lights, their relationship comes to an abrupt end.

Without looking back, Inés leaves everything behind and flies to Japan, retracing the mysterious footsteps of María’s life. A business card bearing the name of a hostess club, ‘Miss Osaka’, leads her into the neon lit depths of a labyrinthine parallel world where identities are as fluid as the sound of a mellow sax solo, where reality is no match for dreams and the emptiness of the soul can be healed with a new personality. As she plunges with determination into this unique existence, Inés begins to realize that all dreams, even the most beautiful ones, have to end.


Denmark/Norway/Japan  2021  90mn  1.85:1  English, Japanese, Danish

Directed by

Daniel Dencik

Written by

Daniel Dencik, Sara Isabella Jønsson

Produced by

Haslund Dencik Entertainment (Michael Haslund/Denmark)

Co-produced by

Rein Film (Norway)

C&I Entertainment (Japan)


Victoria Carmen Sonne (Holiday)

Mikkel Boe Folsgaard 

Nagisa Morimoto

Mirai Moriyama

Junko Abe

Kaho Minami


DOP: Aske Alexander Foss

Production designers: Jane Marshall Whittaker (Norway), Aiko Kuramoto (Japan)

Editors: Olivia Neegaard-Holm, Jenna Mangulad

Sound designer/editor: Mikkel Groos

Music Composers: Yasuaki Shimizu, Johan Carøe, Kwamie Liv


Warsaw Film Festival – International Competition

IFFI Goa – World Panorama

Osaka Asian Film Festival – Closing Film

Sofia International Film Festival – International Competition

Oostende Film Festival- Avant- Premiere

Atlàntida Film Fest Filmin- Fábulas generacionales y sus realidades 

Braunschweig International Film Festival- Main Competition 

Joburg Film Festival

Director's bio & filmo

Daniel Dencik (born 1972) is a Danish writer and film director. He has published eight books in Danish, ranging from poetry to short stories and essays as well as two novels.

As of 2012, he has also been directing films, most notably the documentary Expedition to the end of the World. In 2012 he received The Reel Talent Award at CPH:DOX. His portrait of the painter Tal R entitled Tal R: The Virgin won a Danish Academy Award 2014 for best short documentary.

2015 marked his debut in narrative films with the historical drama, Gold Coast. The film revolves around the Europe’s colonial past in West Africa. It was shot on locations in Ghana and Burkina Faso and stars Jakob Oftebro and Danica Curcic. The soundtrack is composed by Angelo Badalamenti. It was a Danish-Ghanaian co-production with a budget of €2 million. Gold Coast had its international premiere at the 2015 Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

He has received the biggest talent award in Danish film, the prestigious Nordisk Film Award, in 2014.

Miss Osaka is his second feature film shot in Norway and Japan, and it is the first Danish-Japanese coproduction film.


Markets and Festivals

Berlinale 2022