by Pavel G. Vesnakov



Kaloyan returns home to handle the sale of his late father’s apartment. At the beginning the process starts as a routine mundane task, but soon transcends into a journey of self-discovery that tries to track the connection between childhood trauma, memory and the passage of time.


Bulgaria, Italy  93 min.  1:1  2k  5.1  Bulgarian

Directed by

Pavel G. Vesnakov

Written by

Pavel G. Vesnakov

Simeon Ventsislavov

Teodora Markova

Nevena Kertova

Georgi Ivanov

Produced by

Red Carpet (Bulgaria)

Co-produced by

Dispárte (Italy)

Main Cast

Ognyan Pavlov FYRE

Veselin Petrov


Karlovy Vary International Film Festival – Proxima Competition