Abolition of Property

by Jesús Magaña


In a dark old basement, Norma is listening to her own voice on a tape recorder. Everio comes in. They have never met before.  Each time he comes in, she stops the recorder. They tell each other about their lives, and the taped conversations coincide with their discussions.

This theatricalized novel from the 60’s with a heavy criticism of Machismo behaviour is under the influence of a fantastic plot with thriller ingredients.


Mexico  2011  90mn  1.85:1  Dolby 5.1  Spanish

Original title: Abolición de la Propiedad 

Original title

Aboliciòn de la Propiedad

Written by

José Agustín & Jesús Magaña

Produced by

Sobrevivientes Films, Jorge Aragón & Jesús Magaña


Thriller, Science-Fiction, Drama, Romance


Aislinn Derbez, Humberto Busto

Festivals and Awards

Guadalajara IFF – Best Screenplay

Filmography of Jesús Magaña

Sobreviviente (2003), Eros una vez María (2007)