by Can Kılcıoğlu


‘Turn your life into a carnival with Karnaval’


Alis is a 36-year-old guy who lives in his car since his father kicked him out of the house.

He shaves on the street, eats the food his mother brings over to his car, and applies to job adverts that his mother marks in the newspaper for him.

After a series of rejections, he finds himself working as a door-to-door salesman for carpet cleaners, which brand name is KARNAVAL. An unusual bond forms between Alis and “Karnaval” who becomes his new mate.

One day a girl walks into Alis’ life: Demet, a 33-year-old strong and brave woman working in his father’s wedding hall.

These two lonely protagonists, drifting around due to the ‘blows of their families’ find each other thanks to Karnaval carpet-cleaner.


Turkey  2013  95mn  1.85:1  Dolby 5.1  Turkish  1st Feature Film

Written by

Can Kılcıoğlu

Produced by

Doğa Kılcıoğlu Esen (Delice Film)


Serdar Orçin (Alis), Tülin Özen (Demet), İpek Bilgin (Gülay)

Festivals and Awards

  • 32nd Istanbul, Turkey – Competition
  • Tallinn Black Nights, Estonia – Eurasian Competition
  • Guadalajara, Mexico – International Panorama
  • South East European, USA (LA) – Competition
  • Nador, Maroc – Panorama
  • London Turkish Festival, UK
  • Tarkovsky Festival, Russia – Competition
  • Brasilia, Brazil – Competition
  • Frankfurt Turkish Film Festival, Germany
  • Let’s CEE Film Festival, Austria
  • Minsk – Listapad, Belarus
  • Manheim Turkish Film Festival, Grand Prix