Yaron Shani’s CHAINED

69. Berlinale Panorama

16 January 2019

Love Trilogy blurs the lines between fiction and documentary to genuinely create the reality of each character. The actors, mostly non-professional, were asked to live the lives of their fictional characters for the unusual long shooting period of over a year. The script trimmed to the bones of the main plot was constantly enriched by the actors personal experience. This methodology makes the experience of watching the Trilogy extremely unique and profound. The darkest moments surprisingly shine because the viewer is literally placed within each character, understands them without any judgement and feels for them. The honesty of a true connection between the director and his actors and in turn between the characters and the viewers provokes profound empathy.

Each part is complete in itself, while the combination provides a wide-scope picture of the characters’ intersecting lives from different angles and in different times. All three films explore the gender violence. When the decent, well-mannered lives of the characters are broken, brutality and pain stream out of the cracks and vulnerability and tenderness flow.

14 June 2019 2 films at Karlovy Vary

Monsters. and Sick, Sick, Sick

MONSTERS. by Marius Olteanu received Tagesspiele Readers’ Jury Award at Berlinale, Grand Prix for Best Feature film in Sofia and […]


3 May 2019 official poster

directed by Alice Furtado

SICK, SICK, SICK will have its World Premiere at Cannes Directors’Fortnight. Pleasure to unveil its creative poster.



by Alice Furtado

Alice Furtado’s first feature film SICK, SICK, SICK immerges us into a fantastic romance.


1 April 2019 Irina gets Best Actress Award in Hong Kong

by Nadejda Koseva

First time Bulgarian actress Martina Apostolova gets BEST ACTRESS award at the Hong Kong Film Festival. The Jury members were […]


18 March 2019 Grand Prix for MONSTERS.

Sofia International Film Festival

At Sofia IFF, the Jury members Nik Powell (UK) – Producer, Jury President, Stas Namin (Russia) – Producer, musician, composer, artist, […]


18 February 2019 BEST FILM for Tagesspiegel Readers’Jury award

by Marius Olteanu

 “Marius Olteanu crafts wonderful images to show the multi-layered nature of a relationship under huge pressure due to a normative […]


11 February 2019 ASC Spotlight Award for Giorgi Shvelidze for NAMME

by Zaza Khalvashi

The American Society of Cinematographers Spotlight Award went to Giorgi Shvelidze for “Namme”. Giorgi Shvelidze had two competitors in its […]