by Silvia Luzi & Luca Bellino



Rosario works as a street vendor in fairgrounds in a suburbs of Naples.

His dream to get out of poverty focuses on the talent of his daughter Sharon. Fascinated by the video images of his teenager, he turns into an impresario to make her a star of the Italian song.

A dystopian story where the ambitions of a father become an obsession against the freedom of his daughter.


Crater is a fairy tale in reverse.


Italy – 2017 – Super35 4K – 5.1 –  93 min – Italian

Original title: Il Cratere

Produced by

Tfilm & Rai Cinema

with the support of Mibact Development Fund & Pulse Britdoc Genesis Fund


Written by

Written by Silvia Luzi & Luca Bellino with the collaboration of Rosario Caroccia

Cast & Crew

Sharon Caroccia (Sharon)

Rosario Caroccia (Rosario)

Original Music by Nicolò Mulas

Sound Design by Daniela Bassani, Marzia Cordò, Stefano Grosso


Luca Bellino and Silvia Luzi investigate ways of resistance to power, in all its forms.
As directors they received several international awards and nomination, as producers they are CEOs of Tfilm, a production company based in Rome.
Tfilm marked itself for the strong social and political connotation of its titles. Tfilm’s productions are characterized by a clear authorial imprint, a style that combines observation cinema and current events. The Company produced documentaries both for cinema and for television. The work of Luzi and Bellino as directors and producers is focused on film projects with a strong impact.
Crater is their first feature film.



La Minaccia (The Threat) – (86′, 2008) – more than 60 international film festivals, David Di Donatello Nomination Best Documentary, New York Young Filmakers Prize.
Dell ‘Arte della Guerra (On The Art Of War)-  (85′, 2012) – more than 50 international film festivals, 20 awards and nominations. Prix FEDEORA Best European Documentary, Best Documentary at Crossing Europe Film Festival, Leipziger Ring and Healthy Workplaces Film Award at DokLeipzig.

Festivals and Awards

World Premiere : Critic’s Week – Competition