Sobre Todo De Noche/ Foremost By Night

by Víctor Iriarte




A film noir encompassing three deaths, two robberies, and a runaway. The story of two women meeting on the banks of the Douro River.



When VERA (Lola Dueñas) was young, she wasn’t able to take care of her son and had to give him up for adoption. Years later, when she tried to find him, the institutions told her that her file did not exist. She has continued to look for him ever since.

When CORA (Ana Torrent) was young, her doctor told her that she could not have children and that only by adopting could she start a family. CORA has dedicated her life to teaching piano lessons and caring for her adopted son, EGOZ, about to turn 18.

Now, the paths of these three characters – a mother, a son, a mother – are about to cross. And their encounter will change their lives forever.


Spain, Portugal, France 2023  109′  16 mm  1.66:1  5.1  Spanish  1st Feature film

Directed by

Víctor Iriarte

Written by

Isa Campo, Andrea Queralt, Víctor Iriarte

Produced by

Spain: La Termita (Isaki Lacuesta and Isa Campo), Atekaleun (Tamara García), CSC Films (Katixa De Silva),
Inicia Films (Valérie Delpierre) and Víctor Iriarte

In Coproduction with

Portugal: Ukbar Filmes (Pablo Iraola), France: 4A4 Productions (Andrea Queralt)

With the support of

ICAA, Istituto de la Cinematografia y de las Artes Audiovisuales, Gobierno de España, Gobierno Vasco, Diputación de Guipúzcoa, RTVE Radio Televisión Española,  TV3 Televisión de Cataluña, EITB, Eurimages, Aide Aux Cinémas du Monde (CNC France)


Lola Dueñas (Vera)

Ana Torrent (Cora)

Manuel Egozkue (Egoz)


Director: Víctor Iriarte

Screenwriters: Isa Campo, Andrea Queralt, Víctor Iriarte

Cinematographer: Pablo Paloma

Composer: Maite Arroitajauregi

Editor: Ana Pfaff

Sound: Alazne Ametzoy, Iosi Gonzalez Etxabe


Giornate degli Autori WORLD PREMIERE

London BFI Film Festival – Dare 

Chicago International Film Festival – New Directors Competition

Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid (SEMINCI) – Official Selection 

Víctor Iriarte' s bio

Víctor Iriarte (Bilbao, 1976) is an artist, filmmaker and film programmer.

Sobre todo de noche (Foremost by night) is his first feature fiction film.

Víctor Iriarte's filmo

2023, Sobre todo de noche, 109’ (1st feature film).

2014, Cosas que ya no existen / 2013, Visiones / 2012, Invisible (doc experimental) / 2010, El mar /2009, Zortzi-Bereratzi: Lisabö / 2008, Apuntes para una película de espías / 2008, Cinco películas breves / 2007, Decir adiós / 2006, Wrócic/Volver


EL PAÍS (US, English-language edition of Spanish daily), Tommaso Koch

The performances, the soundtrack, the direction and the aesthetics: Foremost by Night represents a stupendous blend of elements that move you or make you uncomfortable. 

CINEUROPA (International), Julia Olmo 

it’s a moving, beautiful and, at the same time, sad film, a love letter from mother to son and also a fine way to champion the meaning and the importance of storytelling.

INTERNATIONAL CINEPHILE SOCIETY (International), Mark van de Klashorst

Iriarte carefully threads the needle between the artsiness of his visuals and the emotion of the three-way relationship those visuals convey, creating in Sobre todo de noche a brilliant piece of arthouse cinema.