A Double Life

by Yoshiyuki Kishi


A Double Life is the first feature length directed by filmmaker Yoshiyuki Kishi.

It is inspired by the works of the French artist Sophie Calle  ‘following strangers’,  where she was tailing people for the pleasure of following them, not because they particularly interested her.

Tama (Mugi Kadowaki) is a post-graduate student working on her PDH thesis in Philosophy. Her Professor (Lili Franky) convinces her to choose randomly one stranger, to tail him and to report his daily routines and encounters. She finds her subject: her neighbor. He is a rich and successful book publisher, married with one daughter. She quickly discovers that he has a Double Life…


Japan – 2016 – HD – 126 min – 1:1.85 – 5.1 – Japanese

produced by

Star Sands, Inc., Kadokawa Corporation, Dentsu Inc., My Theaterd.d. Inc., Toshiba Digital Frontiers Inc., Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, TV Man Union, Inc.


  • Mugi Kadowaki (Tama)
  • Hiroki Hasegawa (the editor)
  • Masaki Suda, (Takuya)
  • Lili Franky (the professor)


Yoshiyuki Kishi: Editing, Screenplay, & Direction
DOP: Kozo Natsuumi
Music: Taro Iwashiro


Based on the novel
“Niju seikatsu” by: Mariko Koike
Inspired by the works of Sophie Calle
“Suite Vénitienne”, “Filatures Parisiennes”

Festivals' selection

  • Shanghai Intl Film Festival 2016
  • Vladivostok “Pacific Meridian” Film Festival 2016 – Competition, Best Director Award & Best Actress Award
  • Raindance Film Festival 2016 – Intl Competition, nominated for Best director and Best actress
  • New York Asian FF (USA) – Main Competition – Special Mention Award 
  • AKI-NO Japanese film festival 2017, Israel
Shanghai IFF
Raindance Film Festival
Raindance Film Festival
Raindance Film Festival
Raindance Film Festival
Raindance Film Festival