by Astrid Rondero & Fernanda Valadez




When a cartel gunman is killed, he leaves behind Sujo, his beloved 4-year-old son. The shadow of violence surrounds Sujo during each stage of his life in the isolated Mexican countryside. As he grows into a man, Sujo finds that fulfilling his father’s destiny may be inescapable.


After a cartel gunman from a small Mexican town is murdered, Sujo, his beloved four-year-old son, is left an orphan and in danger.  Sujo narrowly escapes death with the help of his aunt who raises him in the isolated countryside amidst hardship, poverty, and the constant peril associated with his identity.  When he enters his teens a rebelliousness awakens in him, and like a rite of passage, he joins the local cartel. As a young man, Sujo attempts to make his life anew, away from the violence of his hometown. However, when his father’s legacy catches up with him, he will come face-to-face with what seems to be his destiny.



Mexico, France, USA  125min.  1.85  5.1  Spanish

Written and Directed by

Astrid Rondero & Fernanda Valadez


Enaguas Cine (Mexico)


Jewerl Ross (USA), Diana Arcega (Mexico), Jean-Baptiste Bailly-Maitre (France)


Juan Jesús Varela

Yadira Pérez

Alexis Varela

Sandra Lorenzano

Jairo Hernández

Kevin Aguilar


DoP: Ximena Amann

Editors: Astrid Rondero, Susan Korda, Fernanda Valadez

Production design: Belén Estrada


Sundance Film Festival – GRAND JURY PRIZE 

Göteborg Film Festival – International Competition 

Sofia International Film Festival – GRAND PRIX 

First Look (Museum of the Moving Image) – Opening Film

Cinélatino Toulouse – CINE + AWARD / RAIL d’OC AWARD  

Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay – Iberoamerican Competition

Hong Kong International Film Festival – Firebird Awards Young Cinema Competition

Miami Film Festival – Narrative Competition 

Milwaukee Film Festival – Cine Sin Fronteras 

Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival

Cartagena International Film Festival

Festival du Cinéma Espagnol et Latino- américain d’Ajaccio – GRAND PRIX 


Dallas International Film Festival- Narrative Competition  

Maryland Film Festival

Seattle International Film Festival – Ibero American Cinema

Festival del Cinema Africano, d’Asia e America Latina – AUDIENCE AWARD 

June Film Festival

Costa Rica International Film Festival

Munich Film Festival – Cinemasters Competition

Blue Mountain Film Festival

Astrid Rondero and Fernandez Valadez's bio

Mexican writer, director, and producers Astrid Rondero and Fernanda Valadez have collaborated for 15 years, producing the short films “OF THIS WORLD” (2010), “IN STILL WATERS” (2011), and “400 BAGS” (2014) and the features “SUJO” (2024) “THE DARKEST DAYS OF US” (2017) and “IDENTIFYING FEATURES” (2020), which received awards at the Sundance, San Sebastian, Zurich, and Thessaloniki Film Festivals and a Gotham Award for Best International Film.