The Chambermaid (La Camarista)

by Lila Avilés





Eve, a young chambermaid at a luxurious Mexico City hotel, confronts the monotony of long workdays with quiet examinations of forgotten belongings and budding friendships that nourish her newfound and determined dream for a better life.



2018 – Mexico – HD – 102 min – 2:35.1 – 5.1 – Spanish

Directed by

Lila Avilés

Produced by

Lila Avilés & Tatiana Graullera (Limerencia)


Bad Boy Billy Production (Axel Shalson)

La Panda Productions (Jana Diaz-Juhl & Pau Brunet)

Bambú Audiovisual

Written by

Lila Avilés & Juan Carlos Marquéz


DOP –  Carlos Rossini

Editor –  Omar Guzmán

Sound Design – Guido Berenblum

Production design –  Vika Fleitas


Gabriela Cartol (Eve)

Teresa Sánchez (Minitoy)

Bio - Filmo

Lila Avilés studied Direction and Performing Arts with some of the leading theatrical figures in México such as Martin Acosta, Sandra Felix and Juliana Faesler. She also studied film writing with Beatriz Novaro and Paula Marcovich. After her beginnings as a theater actress she moved into directing. Her work as a director includes “Gardenia Club”, “Microdermoabrasión” (National Theater Award), “Antígona” and “The Chambermaid” – that would become the inspiration for her first feature film. She has also directed the operas “Cossi Fan Tutte” and “Alcina” by Mozart and Händel respectively. Lila´s latest play as a producer and actress, “Nothing” and “Everything” by Janne Teller, opened in January 2018 at the UNAM theater in Mexico City.

Her debut feature film, “The Chambermaid” is currently in postproduction and was selected for the Los Cabos Film Festival Gabriel Figueroa Work in Progress Found as well as for the Ventana Sur First Cut select program. The film went to receive the Labo Digital postproduction and multiple distribution awards, and it is scheduled to premiere in 2018.

She is currently immersed in the process writing her next feature film, that will be an autobiographical story.


  • San Sebastian Film Festival 2018 – New Directors – Competition