Love Trilogy: Reborn

by Yaron Shani



Dark secrets are tearing apart the lives of three women. As they head towards the verge of devastation, a loving bond offers an opportunity to change and be reborn.


Avigail is the perfect mother, wife to Rashi, and nurse. She sacrifices herself for everyone, but deep inside she feels alienated and directs her anger against herself. Yael is a wounded daughter, abandoned by her parents, she wants to be the mother of all orphans, neglecting the one who most needs her love, her sister Naama. Abused by her step-father, Naama is now mothering her aging abuser by day and degrading herself as a sex worker by night. Yet there is hope through connections. Naama follows the writing of Alice and feels a bond with her. Avigail and Yael become close. These women can help each other to change, break the cage of their self-destruction and be reborn.


Israel/Germany  2019  108mn  2.40:1  5.1  Hebrew

Original title


written & directed by

Yaron Shani

Produced by

Saar Yogev & Naomi Levari (Black Sheep Film Productions)

Co-produced by

Michael Reuter (The Post Republic),

With the support of Israel Film Fund, Misrad Hatarbut, Moetzet hakolnoa, ZDF/Das Kleine Fernesehspiel and Arte



“Human Love is as complex as life itself. It contains so many paradoxes and contradictions and holds the meaning of our existence. Each of the trilogy films concentrates on a different dimension. Each film is complete in itself and can be viewed alone to make a whole experience, but the combination of the three provides a wide-scope picture of the characters’ intersecting lives from different angles and in different times. The films can be seen in any order, making a different meaning each way. The content was not written by a script-writer. It lived freely in front of the camera. The actors were not acting, they were being. They were actually living the lives of their characters and in a way – their most personal self. In that sense, the drama is not constrained to clichés and stereotypes. It is as real and genuine as life.”



Yael         ORI SHANI



Cinematography  Shai Skiff, Nizan Lotem

Casting   Maya Kessel

Sound Recordist  Nir Alon

Sound Design   Aviv Aldema

Line Producer Alona Refua

Art direction  Yoav Sinai


Born in 1973, Yaron Shani is a graduate of Tel Aviv University Film Department.

He co-directed AJAMI (2009- 1st feature length) together with Scandar Copti acclaimed internationally. Academy Award Nominee for Best Foreign Film, Caméra d’Or – Special Mention, 5 Israeli Academy awards, Golden Alexander at Thessaloniki IFF, Sutherland Trophy at London IFF and Best Feature Film at Jerusalem IFF.

LIFE SENTENCES (2013) co-directed with Nurit Kedar won the Award for Best Documentary at the Jerusalem IFF.

Festivals & Awards

Busan IFF – World Premiere of Love Trilogy (Stripped + Chained + Reborn)

Haifa – Best Feature Film, Best Actress (Stav Almagor, Ori Shani, Leah Tonic), Best Cinematography 

UK Jewish Film Festival

Asia Pacific Screen Awards – Nomination for best performance by a an actor (Eran Nain)

Cinergia Film Festival (Poland)

Vilnius Film Festival (Lithuania)

Festival of Tolerance, Zagreb (Croatia)

Shanghai Film Festival (China)

Odessa Film Festival (Ukraine)


Press Quotes

Asian Movie Pulse

“…the build up of Rashi’s eventually downward spiral is also impressive, with Shani placing the events that cause it with utter precision, thus retaining the interest of the viewer for the whole of the movie’s duration.”

““Chained” is a true ode to realism, and at the same time, a very entertaining film, and that is where its true value lies.”