The Cemil Show

by Bariş Sarhan



Cemil, who has always wanted to be an actor,  is called in to audition for the villain role in a feature film. He fails to get the part but gradually starts to turn into the character he worked for and ultimately takes his revenge on those who ignored him.


Cemil has always wanted to be an actor. One day he decides to audition for the villain role in a feature film. Unable to make an impression on the director, Cemil seeks other ways of getting the role. He tries to get in touch with Turgay Göral, the former actor who played the same role years ago. Unfortunately, it was too late because Turgay Göral is found dead in his apartment. Cemil is shocked to see how a former actor can be forgotten and end up dead and lonely. Cemil eventually gets closer to Turgay Göral’s daughter Burcu, watches his old films and reads his unpublished memoir. Being denigrated by people around him, Cemil becomes furious about the villain role. The path Cemil takes to get the role slowly turns into a dark comedy in which Turgay Göral’s life, the villain role he is preparing for and Cemils own character intertwine.


Turkey – 2020  – In Post-Production – Feature Lenght – First Feature

Directed by , Written by

Bariş Sarhan

Produced by

Bariş Sarhan & Umut Egitimci

Original Title

Cemil Şov


Ozan Çelik

Nesrin Cavadzade

Alican Yücesoy


Cinematography      Soykut Turan

Production Design      Billur Turan

Editing      Evren Luş

Music      Taner Yücel


Bariş Sarhan was born in 1983 in Istanbul. He graduated with honors in 2005 with a Bachelor’s in graphic design from Marmara University. He worked as an art director and graphic designer in the leading advertising agencies in Turkey. He has several design and advertising awards in local and international festivals.

He made his first short film Terlik, Slippers in 2009. Terlik, Slippers was one of the most awarded short fils in Turkey in 2010. He went to New York in 2012 and took film studies courses in New York University. “The Cemil Show” is his first feature film project.